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Game draft: 3rd person shooter

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I just make games because I like coding, I either get stuck because of an insurmountable code challenge or, more often, it takes so bloody long I get bored with it.

Ballpointin [inktober’17]

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You know what’s quite nice? Autodesk Sketchbook. It’s a bit nicer than the Photoshop tablet app because it has BLENDING MODES. Jeez.

Some strange future doggo cyborg chap #doggo #android #ballpoint #sketchbook #autodesk #instawhatsit #shitfuture

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#survivalist #pilgrim #apocalypse #instawhatsit #autodesk #sketchbook #ballpoint

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One of the mainstays in my collection of thoughts on design philosophy is that restrictions aid creativity. Limited colour palettes, size/shape constraints, pixel art and even time restraints help mold the outcome by organising the creator’s problem solving approach.  I’ve always admired the ‘every days’, ‘100 images in 100 days’ type thing that people are able to do, and often how much time they’re able to put into these projects.

I’m not so lucky in the time department so I’m revisiting my roots in ballpoint pen with these 20 min sketches, photographed with a phone and coloured quickly and simply in Sketchbook.

AE: Expressions – a light switch

In my scenario I have two different sets of artwork, one for a lit room and one where the light is off.
So two different images for each element in my scene.  I wanted a checkbox expression control to flip between
100% and 0% opacity on all these different layers and control the “light” going on and off.

Game draft: ProExtremeRallyAdvanced

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A couple of things need implementing in this one. Like reliable brakes for one thing…

360º Matrix

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Working with exporting 360º video from Cinema for YouTube and Facebook players.
If you’re on your phone this will only work through the YouTube app.

360º Forest

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Another example working with 360º video from Cinema, this time using my much loved test tree.
If you’re on your phone this will only work through the YouTube app.

Hair Tree

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Working off a lovely tutorial by MotionSquared, animating branches and leaves with Hair in Cinema.


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Messing around with waves in After Effects. Webm video compression, so tiny!

Game draft: 2D platformer

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Sadly upon updating to a newer version of Stencyl the working files became corrupted. This is the last build of the game that survives, apologies to Dan for not implementing the evil cyborg bears he built for this game.