SVG loading animations

Category : After Effects, Html

Some simple SVG animations created with Bodymovin. Hover to play animations.

AE: Expressions – a light switch

In my scenario I have two different sets of artwork, one for a lit room and one where the light is off.
So two different images for each element in my scene.  I wanted a checkbox expression control to flip between
100% and 0% opacity on all these different layers and control the “light” going on and off.


Category : After Effects

Messing around with waves in After Effects. Webm video compression, so tiny!

Loop de Loop – March 2015

Submission for LoopdeLoop.org “a bi-monthly animation challenge”.

Loop #478

Animating some vectors I was playing with.

Particle Morphs

Category : After Effects, C4D

Experimenting with inheritance effectors in MoGraph.

Proto Goo

Category : After Effects

Just having a bash at producing something similar to Protobacillus.tumblr